Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Anything is possible

I happened upon this tutorial:  make-your-own-wooden-buttons and needed to share it!  If you haven't checked out the Zen of Making site, you need to.  As crafty people know, there is always a way to make something out of almost nothing.  This site has a lot of good ideas and a section of tutorials...although I think I'll pass on the rainbow sundress, I like the yarn project bag, especially the snap together yarn guide.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

It's November already?!

I was ok just before Halloween, having a nice relaxing run up into prime knitting season, then whamo!  It's now one week to Turkey and then not much more time until you-know-what...

Someone said there's only 6 weeks left and my heart skipped a beat!  I find I love and don't love this time of year more and more.  I love the spirit of people, the kindness of strangers and the general electricity in the air (plus the OTT house decorations!). BUT, I dread the lists, the crowds, the (gentle) pressure from distant loved ones ("what can we get you and the kids this year?"), knitting on a deadline and the cards...Oh the cards.

Almost every year, we make cards - with ink stamps and a handwritten greeting on each one, to get the kids involved and have a crafty night or three or four.... this year, I am taking the path of least resistance and will be going to an online photo site to produce picture cards, complete with a pre-printed greeting inside.

This year, we will slay our tree and decorate it and the house the day after the turkey is cooked.  We will bake until sugar and flour come out of our ears and give most of it away.  I will spend less time in stores and more time at home and with friends and family.

I will spin more of this:

And knit when I want and not because I have to.