Saturday, March 5, 2011

Madrona Winter Retreat

I was fortunate to attend Madrona winter retreat this year and take classes from The Yarn Harlot (Stephanie Pearl-McPhee), Jared Flood (Brooklyn Tweed) and Judith MacKensie
I love that this gathering is 1) close to me 2) there are so many artists and other fiber afflicted people who come from all over to enjoy the camaraderie and reative environment and 3) the market is not too overpowering as to make you want to take a nap after making the rounds.
Have you attended Madrona? What's your favorite part?

knitters lined up for dinner


byhandbyjean-knitting around said...

Nice to see you back on your blog! tough to make yourself share something every day...just once a week works! Lucky you to go on the Madrona Winter Retreat...sounded like you had a great time.

PS Reed said...

Wow! You got to touch Brooklyn Tweed!!!! Jealous, jealous.