Sunday, March 25, 2012


I was going to resist, really, I was.... and since it's a blood sport on Etsy to get one, I was going to resign myself to never getting the chance to spin one of these:

The update came and went earlier in the evening but just before bedtime I thought I'd check my favorite shops to see if there was anything to dream about...

Boy was I surprised when I saw this Sahara Sunset, a Loop Spontaneous Bullseye Bump was still there at 10:14 pm my time!  And since my iphone app makes it way too easy to shop, I went ahead and gave in.  Yesterday, it arrived, a beautiful combination of white. various shades of pinks, orange, and a little dark purple for contrast.  Even better, my youngest son, picked flowers and arranged them in a bowl of water - They are a perfect match to the dark pink in the bump.  Merino, Corriedale, nylon and angelina for sparkle.... Now my fiber diet can begin!

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