Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015

It's the 3rd week of July and that means lots of spinning time with the Tour de France, better known to Ravelers as the Tour de Fleece, spinning every day the Tour de France rides, resting on the rest days and participating in challenges on challenge days.  It's a grueling 3 weeks of fiber immersion for spinners everywhere.  This year it kicked off on July 4, when we were at our favorite local getaway with a group of friends who originate from France, Germany and here in the US:

(we decorated)

There was paella for 40:

(no one went hungry)

and enough crabbing, kite flying, swimming, boating, laughter and me, spinning through it all:

It's now day 18 of the Tour and I've since completed 3 spins using 3 wheels and spun on most of my tools.  

I have spindled, traveled to the East Coast and back and will end the Tour out-of-town.  This year's TDF will be remembered for the places I was able to spin at and the people I visited with at the same time.

A couple short video clips and sunset from the beach until my next post:


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