Thursday, December 29, 2011

A New Year and a new obsession

A new year deserves a new craft obsession, doesn't it?  I have been spinning every spare minute these last few weeks.  I love spinning, but sometimes the result was less than great.  I have a terrific single treadle Ashford Traditional, but after 15 minutes spinning, my back would ache and I would have inconsistent single ply's.  I'd stop, adjust my chair, re-orient myself to the wheel and start again.  The aching never stopped.  I recently sat down with a castle wheel, double treadle and miraculously, my back did not ache!  Something to be said for trying new things.

As much as I love the Traddy, I quickly swooned over a double treadle Schacht Matchless and also gave the Lendrum fold-down a good once over.  New, these wheels are pricey, so I made a deal with myself that if I could find a used one for a good price, I'd buy it and sell the Traddy.  After all, there were health risks of continuing to use the Traddy.

After finding a rare posting for a used Schacht Matchless for about half the price of retail on Ravelry, I thought for sure that I'd be happily spinning pain free before the new year.  That Matchless was not going to be mine since another spinner got there before me...

Fortunately another Raveler saw the discussion thread and offered me hers as a backup option.  And she was local!  And the wheel was newer!  And after giving it the first spin, I knew I'd be taking it home and bidding the Traddy a fond farewell.

It was love at first sight (sigh)
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Thomas said...

if it was love at first sight will you keep it around for 22 yrs? (Like me)

leslie said...

It's built to last, just like you!