Sunday, January 1, 2012

Endless Possibilities

A new year has begun with a late wakeup and some knitting progress on a lizard ridge blanket destined for my 11 year old for his freshman year at college. That's a good 7 years to get this one done, which is about the pace I'm on with this project. I have a problem completing things started as pleasure pursuits when they start to feel like deadlines, so seven years is a good time frame to work on this between my current projects.

The start of a new year is just like the start of a new project...unspoiled & full of potential. The trick is picking the projects, especially if you have 10 or more on the needles that really should get completed! Having a queue on Ravelry with over 200 projects is also daunting. How do you to choose your projects?

Happy New Year & Happy Knitting!

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