Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Divinity is...

I don't often gush but when someone does super special things for you, it's hard not to share the love.  My husband of 22 years has been the Divine one behind my crazy fiber obsession for over a decade now.  He puts up with random skeins and fiber invading precious counterspace, floorspace and every storage receptacle we have, drying fiber hung in the bath, dyeing days, knit nights, fiber retreats and my general never-ending prattle about yarn, wool, knitting, spinning, etc.  He obligingly shipped yarn overseas and back again and waits patiently while I search for car projects for the 5 minute ride to the grocery store.  And he does all of this with a smile.

For the holidays, he joined Ravelry so he could stealthily look at my queue and purchase a pattern for me.  He joined Etsy to find me an art batt and then supported my search and purchase of a new wheel.

This year, he gave me the best present ever and became my friend on Ravelry.  Find me, "tinkerer" then see if you can find and friend him.  Go on, share the love.

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Thomas said...

Yes, I am a gooood husband. Happy wife happy life.